Utopia Prince - CE Formatter [v 0.99c]

(16/09/2011) Update from Angelus
fixed it where it as showing twice the massacre losses
A few words from Hero (2010-02-13): I Hotfixed the formatter because OMAC added a space between province name and loc, it should now work with the old AND the new format.

The unique meter has some minor bugs (for individual stats), I miss the time to correct them for the moment, I'll work when I can.

I corrected a bug with date that generated bad results for date and also I hotfixed the bug 2-3 weeks ago about some massacres attack not being counted by the formatter.

It was brought to my attention that the utopian developpers changed some details in the way they display news (paper) items this age. So if you were to format a paper from last age or earlier (as long as it is not old Mehul display), my CE Formatter would work, but with some bugs. I corrected the date bug, but the formatter is still not supporting anonymous attacks, I'll add it in the next version which should make UPCF (Utopia Price CE Formatter) 100% compatible with papers from earlier ages.

I am not up to date on my needs for province or kingdom news, so until I have the time to catch up, don't bother to send me more examples.

If you think UPCF looks like UtopiaTemple's old CE formatter, I know. I always thought Brother Green had it right the first time so I didn't see much more room for improvement.
Thank you to: Malm, Fenith, Soloc, Luth, and TheRock. And a special thank you to Brother Green for the old CE Formatter which I happily used for years.