Due to a recent attempt to upgrade to the beta releases of firefox 4, i appear to have broken uTools. To revert back to a version that is "pre broken" or more stable, please re-install using the download option on the left hand side. This will push you back to 0.765 which has no compatibility checks in place for firefox 4.
I will work on getting it working with Firefox 4 some more, but for now, if you upgrade to a beta version, uTools will not work.
I will update you when a stable version is available for Firefox 4.

uTools is a firefox addon that adds extra functionality to the browser role playing game Utopia

Since it is a firefox addon, it will only work with firefox, and version 3.5 or later is required.

If you find uTools useful, please consider contributing using the donate button on the left menu.
Thank you























Just released a limited version of uTools for Chrome, link is on the left menu if you're interested.


Update (17/12/2010)

Reset Last ages data (let me know if i missed anything)
Updated race/personality/dragon/stance changes
Removed multi message deletion (added by jolt finally)
Click and copy spells feature added (for spells which dont contain province name etc)
Fixed modded wizard percentage bug
Fixed the paradise issue, you know the one... (broke due to kd chat option)

Update (14/12/2010)

This update was mainly to fix FF4b7 issues

Update (06/11/2010)

Fixed an error popup when clicking "Submit to FA"
Page numbers should now work correctly in forum
kingdom nw range colouring has been extended and there is now a choice of colours
You can now delete multiple posts from a forum thread (provided u are page/king)
Truncated the ruler/province name in the angel export line api to make it compatible (avian will still not work)

Update (25/10/2010)

Added a popup on the war room page to alert you about what you are sending
Thief auto population now works for survey/sos/snatch news and gnome should be detected.
New experimental Export line API for SoT added, its disabled by default, to enable go to preferences.
You can now delete multiple messages from forums, will add individual posts in a future release

Update (27/09/2010)

Added code to try and globalise the self spells showing on the throne/mystic page
Re-added the ability to delete multiple messages in inbox/sent folders

Update (19/09/2010)

Minor updates
Fixes for intel generation and pimp
uTools now updates your thief number for SoT and SoM

Update (12/09/2010)

Monarchs invitations link is fixed
Reservations link is added for monarchs
Ambush now uses the dspec value when calculating defense on ospecs
Merchant/Human/Avian values updated in both the gains and the utools intel parser

Update (05/08/2010)

Minor updates

Update (04/07/2010)

fixed the menu for monarchs

Update (25/06/2010)

Fix for shepherds in SOM intel generated by utools
Menu has been altered (again)

Update (24/06/2010)

Fix for avians on build page
Fix for humans on SOM page
KD news can now be filtered

Update (20/06/2010)

Adjusted Science foreman
added a "Remove Aid" option to kingdom news to remove aid packages to make viewing attacks easier
re-added average nw/acres on the kd page if kd monitor is enabled
fixed an issue with remembering paradice/tog
Gains are no longer strictly 80/120, change them in ur preferences

Update (15/06/2010)

further Science Foreman fixes
fixes to some links on various pages

Update (02/06/2010)

Science Foreman fixes

Update (03/06/2010)

Security update

Update (24/05/2010)

Added Halfling to ambush calculator
fixed the date that replaces the version
Added an experimental Science Foreman (should with with both ratio/percentage)
Minor fixes

Update (24/05/2010)

Added Halfling to the races/parser, also fixed parser for gnome ospec change.
Deleted bookmarks and foreman build
Minor fixes

Update (09/05/2010)

Foreman now takes current/incoming acres into account.
Incorrect/too large amounts in aid boxes shouldnt be possible.

Update (01/05/2010)

This was more of a fix release than anything else, foreman should now work together with the build totals *hopefully*.
Science now has a button to populate max science, and theres another easter egg added.

Update (25/04/2010)

Experimental news formatter, foreman (check updates) and an easter egg :)

Update (19/04/2010)

Minor fixes(0.748)

Update (15/04/2010)

Ok quick update, latest version (0.747) has some minor fixes (totals on the build page) and added an option to remove the date replacing the version (bishop).

Update (13/04/2010)

Ok quick update, latest version (0.746) has multiple agent support, basic log and some minor fixes.

Update (02/04/2010)

Ok this release is basic enough(see version history), and had to fix a few bugs and added minor changes (CB didnt recognise shepherds,daily income was wrong,opa was wrong).

An update from the developer (01/04/2010)

New version up, check the update section for a list of updates.

An update from the developer (28/03/2010)

Trying out a version without the option for the multi-caster to see if its worth it, and to keep those in jolt/omac/frontsquare what ever the company is called happy :)
Kingdom/Province bookmarking/Tagging is now available, its still in beta and not completely finished but something to test while its being completed.
If you wish to use it, goto your preferences, under kingdom tab, and enable it. then goto the kingdom page, add a bookmark for a kd, save it. and either refresh the page or goto a kingdom with bookmarks and you will see the option to view bookmarks for that kingdom.

An update from the developer (18/03/2010)

Ok latest release has brought some new features, which will need to be tested.
The first is the ability to disable uTools without restarting firefox, you just click the icon in the bottom right (looks like a shield), you'll notice its now blue (enabled), when you click it you are given the option to disable it, simply click this and you disable uTools, it will go grey and the next time you refresh, uTools will not have touched the page.

Next addition is something I've been working on for a while. As many people use Angel, those who don't use Windows are stuck as they can't use it.
So in adding to that, uTools can now generate intel in the form of CB/SOM/SURVEY/SOS, they will look similar to Angel's and pass with stingernet and pimp (as testing is successful so far).
Hopefully this will not have too many bugs, and you find it useful.
To enable this, fill out your Forum Agent details, and there is a checkbox entitled : "Use uTools to Generate Intel", when this is ticked the "Copy to Clipboard" and "Submit to FA" buttons now generate the intel and dont rely on Angel.

Have fun



(Click on the image to enlarge it)

Some preference/ambush screens

Some general changes to the game

Some changes/additions to the kingdom page

Some changes to the build page

An MO/MD calculator on the war-room page

Some changes to the military page

And to add to the lazyness, ambush calculator on the SOM page